Some Easy Energy Conservation Ideas

Environmental Energy conservation

Following some basic energy conservation ideas reduce the electricity bill as well as global warming. Energy conservation ideas are followed by builders as well as residents.

Every one of us wants to get the same service by using the same energy level. This is where energy conservation comes for help. Energy conservation at home helps you save the electricity bill; you also contribute in reducing global warming. May be in small proportion but positive result out of it is definite.

Energy Conservation Tips:

Following are some ways by which you can reduce energy conservation at home. Your choice of buying a property from a reputed builder also adds in conserving the energy.


Prevent the Sun from overheating your home, use blinds, shades and drapes in-door.Plant climbing trees that will grow fast and provide shade; bring shrub pots which will also prevent Sun rays from heating the residential wall.

Most Nagpur builders’ plant trees on the sunny side of the home from the time they start the construction. This is done so that natural shade keeps the house cool throughout the year.


Some reputed builders and developers in Nagpur use reflective coating to reduce the heat absorbed from sunlight. This effort also reduces strain on the AC.


If you have a residential property in Nagpur where heat is beyond tolerance level plug all electronics in a power strip. When you are not using power, turn off the strip; you will save energy and bill simultaneously.


One of the best energy conservation ideas is to repair the refrigerator door seal. Keep your hand near the refrigerator door and if you feel cold air then it’s time to change the refrigerator door seal.


The best way to conserve energy is to replace the standard bulb of your house by CLFs. These bulbs are energy efficient but at the same time give the same amount of light.

It won’t be wrong to say that energy conservation is incomplete without the use of CLF bulb.

While every reputed builder is using different ways for energy conservation in building, effort by everyone will be an added advantage for sure.