Board Of Directors

Nani’s Buildcon was founded in the year 2006 by Mr Yashwant A Khodke, a first-generation entrepreneur and the company’s Managing Director. A qualified engineer, Mr Khodke has behind him 20 years’ experience in the field of civil engineering, most of it gained in the Middle East and North America. It was his long stint with international companies which revealed to him the two secrets of business success: Professionalism and transparency. Needless to say, Nani’s Buildcon has structured its operations on the principles of professionalism and transparency and it is these principles which have been responsible for its envious growth in such a short span of time.

Charlestown Nevis (June 28, 2002) Through a World Bank loan, the Nevis Island Administration will construct two community shelters/multipurpose centres, one at Pond Hill and the other at Hanley’s Road. A signing ceremony for the two projects was held on Friday June 28, where the contractor promised that the shelters would be ready in eight months.

Premier, the Hon Mr Vance Amory, who signed on behalf of the Nevis Island Administration, hailed the World Bank for extending concessionary loans to a number of Caribbean countries, under which Nevis had benefited. The other signatory was Mr Yashwant Khodke , a Project Manager of Moorjani Caribbean Limited, the company that won the tender .
The country had suffered from a series of serious hurricanes, Premier Amory pointed out, and for the World Bank to see it fit to provide concessionary loans, not only to Nevis, but a number of countries in the region, it was a move in the right direction as the shelters would be used in case of any natural occurrence that would necessitate the dislocation of people.
The Pond Hill shelter and multipurpose centre, which is costing EC$1.03m would be located at the site of the old doctor’s residence. The World Bank recommended that the old residence be destroyed, and the new centre is expected to serve people from Brown Pasture, right through to Market Shop and Taylor’s Pasture an area which, according to the Premier, was growing significantly in terms of population.
Hanley’s Road, costing EC$1.2m, would be used for a number of functions, including providing facilities for periodic clinics for diabetics, or for antenatal and prenatal clinics and any other related clinics. In addition, it would also be used to provide space and facility for community efforts for the young people and other persons in the area.
Commented the Premier: “We believe, as a Government, that the programmes of Government should be taken to the people where they are, and these two centres are going to make that much easier for the Government, the Community Affairs Department, the Disaster Mitigation Groups and for anyone who has programmes to be delivered to the people, to deliver those programmes in the centres where the people are.”

Both Premier Amory, Mr Moorjani and Mr. Yashwant Khodke (Project Manager) called on Nevisians to support the effort and participate in the project, by way of taking up available jobs, saying that eight months of employment was something that should be welcomed as there would be reasonable returns.

Besides Mr Yashwant Khodke, the other members of the Board of Directors of Nani’s Buildcon are M/s Sopan Khodke and Arvind Khodke

Ranjana Khodke, BSC MBA( Finance) having total 12 year experience working in North America in Administration department and using her admin skill in growth of the Company.

Mr Sopan Khodke is a well verse the laws and administator of contruction field. He looks after all company promotion, marketing and purchase.

Mr Arvind Khodke is an Civil Engineer by profession having five years of overseas experience. He look after quality team and budget of the each individualprojects.